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This is why I go to Uptown Color (Oh, and they do a good job printing too)

I like to write something weird in the “Additional project details” box when I get prints made…See below


Here was their response…

Hey Doug, here’s some info in reference to your recent inquiry. Hope this helps….

1 Check the color of the blue cheese. If the white parts are beginning to turn yellowish, or the blue parts are beginning to turn green, don’t eat it. If any part of the cheese is a color otherthan white or blue, it should be discarded.

2 Smell the blue cheese. If it smells like ammonia, it is beginning to go bad. The smell of blue cheese can become very potent over time, and this is normal. When it begins to smell like ammonia, it shouldn’t be eaten.

3 Take a small bite of the blue cheese. If it tastes like blue cheese, only stronger, it’s safe to eat. If the taste seems “off” in any way, it’s better to discard the product.

4 Look for fuzz and mold that wasn’t there when the blue cheese was fresh. Any additional growth could be a new, unhealthy bacteria forming on the cheese.

5 Check for slime. Blue cheese can develop a slimy texture when it begins to go bad. If there is any excess moisture, or if the texture is no longer dry and crumbly, it should be discarded.

Be safe out there!
Uptown Crew

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